Beware of the Dog

a German Shepard behind a fence
photo by Tim Cooper 

‘Tada,’ she says. ‘Let’s go for a dip.’

‘Break into the lido? What if someone calls the police?’

‘Don’t be such a baby,’ she says with a grin. But she means it. Don’t call me a baby, I want to reply. I swallow hard. She’s looking at me, the challenge clear as daylight despite the dark.

‘Will we have to get naked?’

‘It’s called skinny-dipping for a reason.’

No name-calling this time. I fear it’s not an improvement. I don’t have a choice.


‘You go first.’

I climb over the fence. Then I notice the guard dog.

9 thoughts on “Beware of the Dog

  1. If she gets out of this alive she needs to reconsider her friendship. What kind of friend shames someone into doing something she doesn’t want to, and then makes her lead? (Or perhaps she knew about the dog, and it was a nasty practical joke.)
    It’s a really good story which leaves questions in my head. Thank you. I like having to exercise my brain.
    I look forward to more.


      1. You’ve only just started this blog, haven’t you? Have you checked out Blogging 101? It’s a four week course which teaches you to make the most of your blog. I’m on week 3 of it, although I started my blog in December, and I’m finding it really useful. I expect it starts up again on Monday 2nd February. I see it’s difficult to follow your blog from your page.


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