Weight Loss


Dr. Kay talks over her like she’s not there. The intern leans over to check the scales, careful not to look at her naked body. He does not want to be here, thinks what they’re doing is wrong. But he needs the internship to get a pass.


Dr. Kay’s getting impatient.

’47 kilograms.’

‘Too low. Got to keep an eye on it.’

Dr. Kay shoos her away.

‘Is she allowed to get dressed?’

‘No, we’re not done.’

‘It’s cold.’

Dr. Kay chuckles.

‘She’s used to it.’

The intern bids goodbye to his morals and silently mourns the loss.

(Inspired by this week’s Micro Bookends. I ignored the picture prompt so I cannot enter the competition. I got a story out of it, though, so I’m happy.)