A Message to You, Suzie

‘Ecology, technology, scientology,’ Amy sings when she comes back from spending the weekend with her father.

‘What’s that, sweetie?’

‘Rhymey words. They’re fun to sing.’

‘Where did they come from?’

’Suzie. I couldn’t say scientology.’

Amy’s hands fly over her mouth. She doesn’t say it, but I can tell Suzie made her promise not to tell me.

Suzie. Sunny, sweet Suzie. Suspicious Suzie. I had a feeling Suzie was all-round bad news, beyond wrecking my marriage.

I’m far from Shakespeare, but I have twelve days. Amy will have new rhymey words to sing then. I’m sure Suzie’ll get the message.

[inspiration: today’s Flash Fiction February prompts: ecology, Shakespeare, technology]