Report Filed by “Mother”

Daily Report

She’s rebelling. This morning, she didn’t take the children to school. She’s never liked doing it, but she has never refused before.

‘Try and make me,’ she replied when I confronted her.

Her animosity goes beyond her being a hormone-fuelled teenager. I caught her eavesdropping on her father yesterday afternoon, her ear pressed to the study door.

‘I’m sick of the secrets you keep ,’ she said. She didn’t try to make up an excuse. Tonight, she’s giving us looks as if she’s planning to kill us.

Her father suggests to tell her. I disagree.

Please advise ASAP.

A 100-word Intro

My name is Sonya. I’m a writer (I used to write stuff for other people and realised that when I’d decided I’d become a writer, I hadn’t meant copywriter).

This blog is an outlet for my imagination which doesn’t seem to know the meaning of resting. I’m in the middle of editing a novel. My imagination got bored dealing with a story that already existed (albeit in pieces). So I made it a deal: You let me get on with the novel, and as a reward we’ll write and publish a 100-word story.

So far, it’s working a treat.