Amber Warning

I never choose truth. So I ended up underwater. The guys gave me a crash course, told me to stick with Tom. I’ve lost Tom. He hand-signalled something when I pointed out the amber glow, then went in the opposite direction. I should have paid attention to the signals, but I got bored.

Before I discovered the glow, I felt uneasy. Now I dive deeper, enchanted. It’s pulsing, reminding me of a beating heart.

Strange. I thought the light would be blue, not the colour of burnt sugar.

Danger. That’s what Tom’s hand signal meant. Danger.

But it’s so beautif…


This was inspired by two of the three Flash Fiction February prompts for today: underwater and amber.


4 thoughts on “Amber Warning

  1. Powerful writing here, Sonya. You’re extremely good at being succinct. The detail you manage to impart in so few words is commendable. Poor girl (your character, not you!) – though i suppose she should have paid more attention to the meaning of different signals in her crash course. Well written!

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