The Lion Tamer’s Daughter

Sam answers the door. I hide. It’s best, after the disaster with the Brownies. I’m not versed in the customs of suburbia. I shoo away wistful thoughts of my former life.

Sam’s muffled voice mingles with loud, unfamiliar ones. I perk up.

‘Honey, we have guests.’

Nobody but me would detect the strain in his voice.

They’re in the kitchen. Five of them, colourfully clad. They look like types who run away to join the circus. Sam’s out of his element.

‘Say hello to the neighbours.’

I smile. Put on my best “Welcome to the ring” voice. It’s show time.


I have again used one of the GU Creative Writing Society Flash Fiction February prompts (wistful). I’ve also used today’s Blogging 101 assignment as inspiration.

16 Feb 2015: Want to know more about the lion tamer’s daughter? Read the prequel Replacement Cat on 101 Words.