Vintage Party Dress – For JM

vintage 1950s Persephone Party Dress in Teal image by Huzzah Vintage

The smell of moth balls makes me think of Nana. I loved exploring her teenage wardrobe, even though I had to hold my nose. I cried when Dad told me she’d thrown it all away because it’d confused her.

I freeze. Am I seeing things? This has to be Nana’s dress. I check for the hole she’d burnt into it with a cigarette. There. Like mad, I burrow through the 1950s section. But it’s the only piece of Nana’s.

I wear it for dinner. My parents exchange a look. They’ve recognised it, too.

’So, who really gave Nana’s clothes away?’

8 thoughts on “Vintage Party Dress – For JM

  1. I love this post because it takes me back to the ’50’s. I was 13 by 1960 and, even then, dresses were still that style for a few more years. Then mini-skirts came in and everything in fashion went haywire! I had several dresses of that style – no holes in any of them, though! Your lovely little story made me smile. I like the way you’ve ended it with a question, too. Who, indeed, gave Nana’s clothes away? Well written, Sonya.


  2. Thank you all for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me. I wish I could reply to each of you individually, but it seems that since I’ve swapped themes, I can’t reply to comments anymore. I’ll have to check the settings…


  3. Sonya your flash fiction story Vintage Dress is briliant, made me laugh. I think I have a go at Flash fiction. I have a silly few words in my head. Any advice?


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