Lunch Time

Copyright Melanie Greenwood
Copyright Melanie Greenwood

We weren’t supposed to be down the far end of the school grounds. But the Gregory twins had chased me all the way. They’d left shouting they’d find a teacher to tell on me.

The hedge growled, shaking its twigs. Scary, but I was more frightened of the Gregory twins. I took out my lunch. The hedge snatched the sarnie. It wasn’t interested in the bread. But it devoured the ham. I held out my finger, pulled back before it could take a bite out.

I laughed. The Gregory twins smelled like pigs. Next time, I’d make them follow me.


This is my entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Click here for more than 80 stories (and counting) inspired by Melanie Greenwood‘s photo.

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15 thoughts on “Lunch Time

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving feedback, Rochelle. I love Friday Fictioneers, it’s such a great way to engage with many talented flash fiction writers.


  1. Now there’s a plan! This little victim isn’t going to give in to bullying. I bet every victimised child wishes they could find a man-eating hedge to lure their persecutors into. Very clever.

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