All About Patience

Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.

Okay, her patience lasted all of five minutes. Blasted fish. To think she’d caught her own flies ‘cos ‘that’s how you do it,’ apparently. Her foot got tapping all by itself.

‘Wouldn’t do that. Scares the fish away.’

She looked up. The old man looked at her foot.


‘You Big Bob’s girl’s girl?’


‘Sorry ‘bout your mother.’

She nodded – the easiest way to accept sympathy.

‘Bob make you come here?’

‘Sorta. I said I could catch a fish.’

He smiled.

‘Better make sure you do, then.’



He dropped his line.

‘Some things take their own time.’


The story above is 113 words long, but the first sentence is part of this week’s Monday’s Finish the Story prompt (the other part is the picture by Barbara W. Beacham). It was a bit tricky to get it right, and I don’t like the title much. But I hope I got there in the end with the story. Here are more stories inspired by the prompts.