Wall to Wall to Wall to Wall


Left left left bump. Right right right bump. Forward forward forward bump. Backwards backwards backward bump. Left left left bump…

… till shoulders, forehead, back hurt.

Slump. Sob. Sleep.

Flap flaps.

Smelly smell. Stomach snarls. Shovel it, wash it, keep it down down down.

Singing. Loud. Out of tune. Lovely.

Door opens. Scramble, cower, hide.

‘Ciao bambino. Come stai?’

Singy songy sounds. Warm. Lovely.

Sweeping, wiping, singing.

Peek out.

‘Delle mee ‘ow to reach you, bambino.’

Delle mee, delle mee, delle mee.

Close, too close. Hand coming. Cower, cower.

Hand touches cheek. Gentle.

‘A domani.’

A domani.

Alone. Lonely.