What’s in a Name

(c) Marie Gail Stratford


‘We’re calling her Crystal,’ Dee says, ‘or you’ll be a single father.’

He looks at his newborn daughter. Crystal – clear, transparent, cheap diamond replacement. He has a vision of a dazzling young woman in the distance. The closer she comes, the more ordinary she looks. On close inspection, she cannot hide her plainness. She cannot hide anything.

‘I don’t like the connotations,’ he mumbles. Her reply booms along the maternity ward.

‘You’re going to argue? I’m serious – it’s Crystal or…’

Nix nods. He has to think fast. Naming is destiny.

‘Calm down, Dynamite. How about we call her Crystal Sphinx?’


It’s almost the weekend, which means it’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle’s flash fiction challenge is popular, so there are plenty of stories to read – enjoy!

11 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

      1. Being funny is difficult because we’ve got to strike that happy medium. ‘Over the top’ funny can sound rather like slapstick – which I hate! A nice bit of subtle humour is good. You did yours well. 🙂

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  1. I loved this – I thought the naming is destiny is a great line, and It makes me wonder if its a common belief amongst celebrities (although the benefits of calling your child apple or tiger makes me wonder).
    Nicely done.

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    1. Thank you, KT!
      The (often silly) names celebs give their children were part of the inspiration here. If your dad’s Nick Cage, you’ll probably get away with being called Kal-El (I have no idea what they call him, but I hope it’s Clark…), but what about the sons of all the non-famous imitators? I think I went off on a tangent there, but still, a stupid name can make a child’s life miserable… Thanks again 🙂

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