Aside: a New Story Elsewhere

My story Pret a Manger was published on 101 Words today. If you read it, do let me know what you think.

I’ve updated the page that links to my stories elsewhere on the Web, so you’ll find the link to the story there, too..

Hitting ’em Hard

(c) Dawn M. MillerI’m alone, on a tennis court that fills with water the moment it rains, then doesn’t dry off for hours. The waves batter the beach. The sky’s forgotten it’s supposed to be blue. I practice my serve until I’ve smashed all the balls over the net, walk over and start again.

Before I hit each ball, I imagine it has Tony’s face. He’ll be drinking on our balcony with his friends. They’re revolting, his friends.

I’ve embarked on this trip with great expectations. Now I can’t remember what I liked about Tony.

At least I’ll return with a killer serve.


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