Live Long and Prosper

Lennie insists on giving me a Vulcan salute before she kisses me hello. I didn’t mind during the summer break because the only witness was Carrie, who’s decided that Lennie is the coolest girl ever. But Carrie’s six. Her primary school friends might be impressed by her fancy gesture.

But summer’s over, and Lennie and I aren’t in primary school anymore. You can’t do whatever you want. If you’re not careful, you’re bottom of the food chain.

‘Relax, babe,’ Lennie says. ‘Haven’t you heard? J.J. Abrams is in charge of the Star Trek reboot. It’s going to be super hot.’


I was offline all day because our broadband moved before we did. So I only heard that Leonard Nimoy has died a couple of hours or so ago. I’ve loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember and Spock has always been my favourite. The story isn’t going to make my Top 3, but it had to be done.