(c) Dawn Q. Landau

The dog’s been following me for more than an hour. I don’t know what to do. It won’t go away. I’ve tried throwing things. It thought we were playing a game of fetch when I threw sticks, and it dodged the rocks. I’ve tried shouting. It wagged its tail. I won’t run, my backpack’s full with my possessions.

The dog’s catching up with me. It nuzzles my hand.

I can barely walk anymore. I should have left the books at home. But they’ve been my only friends, I didn’t want to leave without them.

Dogs make good friends, don’t they?


This is my story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers – all the stories inspired by the image are here.

7 thoughts on “Dogged

  1. Interesting little story, Sonya. The girl was well and truly dogged. I had that happen to me once – couldn’t shake the dog off for at least an hour. Only when someone with another dog looked more interesting than me could I beat a hasty retreat. I hope the girl is doing the right thing in leaving (home?). It does seem as though she’ll have a friend beside her in future, though.


  2. Books and dogs her only friends – a sad but appealing story. I love the voice of this, especially her uncertainty at the end – I expect she’s about to find out just what a friend dog can be.


  3. I love how you ended your story. Very hopeful. Dogs make great companions (I’m a dog person) and hopefully the pup’s persistence was enough create a new friendship!


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