Bliss; Misery

Swansea Bay
Grey Swansea Bay

Beach almost in sight, I take a deep breath. Forget the past two hours.

Life is so much better when I can see the sky.

I take a bite of apple.

Savour the juicy sweetness.

Sun’s decided to join me. I tilt my head upwards, soak up the warmth.


My ten minutes are over.

I return to the bunker.

Shiver under the strip lights.

Exit signs mock me: ‘You really want to do this?’

Really? No. But do I have a choice?

Yearning for the next break, I pick up the headset and call the first number in the queue.

7 thoughts on “Bliss; Misery

  1. Like the beach but sure a cup of coffee sitting on the beach is a good idea. Love coffee! I mean like coffee I don’t think one should love an inanimate object. But I really like coffee and beaches are so relaxing.

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