Solitary Seagull

seagull on pillar box

Surrounded by greedy seagulls, I’m wolfing down supermarket sushi. I haven’t eaten for days. I couldn’t. The dress looks a size too big. Maybe that’s why everyone’s staring.

One gull isn’t interested in what its mates are squabbling over. It sits on the pillar box, facing away. In solitude.

‘You’re like me, birdie. Want to be left in peace.’

I tried to tell them last night. Mum wouldn’t listen, said it was nerves, same as my stomach. Hugh didn’t answer his phone. I didn’t want to have to run away like this.

But I didn’t want to say yes, either.


Two pictures on the theme of solitude today. I like the solitary seagull, but I think this one is better in terms of the rule of thirds:

tram tracks
Solitary tram tracks