The Hitman

‘What did I tell you about killing?’

She takes another sip. He doesn’t want an answer, he’s pausing for rhetorical reasons.

‘You mustn’t go out to pluck random people off the street. What if someone sees you?’

She laughs. It sounds like a cough.

‘As if,’ she mutters. ‘I was thirsty.’

He points at the bottle of Glenmorangie.

‘Doesn’t quench it.’

‘Don’t get lippy.’

His voice’s gone squeaky with agitation. And he thinks he can control her. He paces to calm down.

‘I hope it didn’t ruin your appetite. We have another job.’

Killing’s okay when he tells her to.

10 thoughts on “The Hitman

  1. A gritty tale that cause a few questions to spring to mind – as good pieces of flash often do. I have visions of vampires here, but I realise the reference to being thirsty and ruined appetites could be red herrings – and it’s killing in general she’s thirsty for. Well written. 🙂

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    1. She’s not a ‘real’ vampire, but she does drink blood. And she is thirsty for killing in general because she’s been conditioned for it.
      Cheers, Millie 🙂

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          1. She sounds an interesting character and if she fits in with the theme of your book, why not? Her ‘thirst’ – for whatever – sounds like something readers would like.

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          2. Oh, it’s only just occurred to me that she might be the solution to the big clash at the end. Oh dear, my novel edits get more complicated all the time.
            I really wish I were less of a pantser when it comes to writing the first draft. It would make the editing process less painful, maybe…


  2. This is great. Love 100-word stories (doesn’t the necessary brevity make you treasure each word so much?) and this character as well – would be great to see her incorporated into a wider novel – when’s that happening Sonya?

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    1. Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s happening right now. I’m about to finish the first draft of Scarlett’s story. It’s not novel-length, though, more like a novella…

      Thank you for reading!


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