It’s the Things You Didn’t Do

The sun shines in through the portholes. Wooly hat girl will be out drawing, she’s always early. I almost gathered my courage to talk to her last time.

Out on the pontoon, I check for her. Someone else’s there. I approach him because it’s her stool, her sketchpad.

‘Where’s funny hat girl?’

He pinches his nose.

‘She wore ‘em hats ‘cos she didn’t want nobody to see her bald.’


‘She got so upset ‘bout not finishing the bloody drawing. Loved ‘em boats, she did.’

I spent hours watching her when I could have taken her out on the boat.


FFfAW time again. I love Cat’s picture and I’m looking forward to reading the stories it has inspired.

18 thoughts on “It’s the Things You Didn’t Do

    1. Cheers, Francesca! Nope, not too morbid, she’s dead. I think I tried to cram a bit too much into this one, I could have used a few more words…

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  1. Oh my. Lovely and touching. I’m assuming this is her father or someone close to her who is working through his grief by re-enacting her actions. Wonderfully done.

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  2. Very touching. It points out that some of our decisions will end up as regrets and that we should try to have as few regrets as possible. I assume the young lady died. Wonderful story!

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      1. I was on a sad story kick for a while and now I think, it is the happy ending kick. Who knows when that might change again. LOL You write what you need to write when you write it. 🙂

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  3. Was it the narrator who said, ‘She got so upset ‘bout not finishing the bloody drawing. Loved ‘em boats, she did’?

    I sensed that through his shock, horror, sorrow, and immediate regrets, he couldn’t stop talking. Even if a lump formed in his throat. So sad. My heart hurts.

    If only, if only . . .

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    1. For me, it’s the girl’s father who says it – I think the narrator is too stunned to say anything at this point. But you read it any way you want to. The thing with these hundred-worders is that I have to leave a lot to the reader’s imagination, so you make the story as much as I do…
      Thank you 🙂

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