If Only Winter’d Last Longer

(c) Sandra Crook

Todd’s about to go looking for Matty when the door opens.

‘Where’s the firewood?’

‘I got thinking, Dad.’

The sun’s out and meltwater’s dripping off the roof.

‘It’s the drive. We’re not snowed in anymore.’

‘How d’you know?’

‘I walked down to the road.’

Todd nods. He knows what’s coming. He’s had all winter to find the right words. All winter wasn’t long enough.

‘Mom’ll come home now, right?’

Todd told Matty that Helen got stuck in civilisation with the roads closed for winter. He shouldn’t have lied. But Helen shouldn’t have left them without telling Matty she won’t return.


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22 thoughts on “If Only Winter’d Last Longer

  1. Dashed hopes – very sad.
    I feel as if I’m colluding with Todd – the sort of piece where you want to shout at one of the characters! Indeed, if only…
    (I also love that apostrophe in the title.)

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      1. thanks Sonya – well it seems as though the experience has strengthened his character. I really enjoyed this piece as unfortunately quite a few children have to live the reality of having a parent leave, and I always wonder how a child deals with it – particularly having a mother leave.. it could be an interesting theme for you to expand on as it isn’t dealt with very often..


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