DIY Anger Management (Matty, part 2)

‘Matty,’ Dad calls. I’m out back, chopping wood. Helps me stay calm. Dad and I get on a lot better since I’ve taken charge of the firewood.

‘Matt, Dad. I’m not a little kid anymore.’

‘Don’t I know it,’ he grumbles. He holds out an envelope.

‘A letter? What century is this?’

Dad’s frowning. I put down the axe and take the letter. It’s my name alright. In Mom’s handwriting. I hand it back.

‘Snow’s on its way. I’d better finish with the logs.’

‘Don’t you want to know?’

‘No. She’s about four years too late. I’ll be a while.’

4 thoughts on “DIY Anger Management (Matty, part 2)

  1. It’s sad that growing up can mean your parents are no longer your heroes. Hopefully relationships improve when parents lose their superhuman status and just become people who love you and want to help you…

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