Mrs. White, Lead Pipe, Conservatory

A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s House.

The guests froze. Dr. Black was barely unrecognisable.

‘Now, now,’ Inspector Grey said. ‘I daresay the victim’s head’s been bashed with a blunt instrument. I suggest it was a lead pipe.’

‘Might have been a candlestick,’ Professor Plum said.

‘Or a spanner,’ added Colonel Mustard.

‘Let us pray for our deceased host,’ Reverend Green said.

‘He knew this might happen. That’s why he assembled us here instead of at Tudor Mansion,’ Ms. Scarlett whispered.

‘What’s that, dear? You have to speak up,’ said Mrs. Peacock.

None of them heard Mrs. White. Armed with dagger, rope and revolver, she snuck away.


It’s Monday, time to finish the story for MFtS. I didn’t think I’d come up with something for this week’s picture prompt and starting sentence. I suppose I was wrong.

Now I’m off to read what everyone else did with the prompts.