You’re so engrossed exploring outside the derelict Gothic mansion, you pay no attention to the weather. First you know of the storm is rain pelting down on you. You don’t mean to trespass but it’s an emergency. Your hair won’t survive this. Plenty of shelter in the mansion, and the door’s ajar. Lightning slashes the sky. You slip into the hall.

Your eyes take a moment to adjust to the murky light. But you sense evil before you see the remains. Fellow goth, judging from the accessories surrounding the bones.

A creature cackles behind you.

Thunder booms over your screams.


It’s Wednesday, time for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Go here to read all participants’  stories.


34 thoughts on “Trap

    1. I was always too punk to be a proper Goth. But I went to the Robert Smith school of make-up and hair styling 😀
      Thank you!


    1. Yes, indeed – there’s more important stuff than your hair-do. Mind you, I used to be a bit stupid about mine 😀
      Thank you!


    1. That’s great, PJ, I’m glad you enjoy the stories! Yes, I’ll certainly continue – the photos you’ve selected so far have led to intriguing stories. Thanks for hosting FFfAW 🙂

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  1. You created two responses in me… 1st, I laughed at ‘their hair being unable to stand the storm’ and then the 2nd response was I got spooked.. I don’t know if you meant the former as a joke, but it worked well to create the other emotion… (I hope that makes sense)

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