Grave Message

(c) Rachel Bjerke

Again, Marianne finds herself at the old cemetery. She can’t explain why. Other than she has to find something. It’s a crazy thought, she doesn’t like it. But since she’s come, she might as well look. She walks farther than before, to where the overgrown graves are.

A ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds. It lights up a headstone. She reads the inscription. She stumbles backwards, sits down by the fountain.

Her name on the headstone. Her date of birth two centuries earlier. 1790-born Marianne died on 26 March 1815.

What if 1990-born Marianne has only a week left?


I’m a day early for Friday Fictioneers for a change. Click here find all the other stories inspired by Rachel’s photo.

28 thoughts on “Grave Message

  1. Interest take on the prompt but I’m a little confused. Does this mean the present Marianne the reincarnation of the original Marianne that had lived 2 centuries earlier?

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