Help Myself

A friend in need is her favourite kind. She’ll drop everything to offer advice, encouragement, support. When needed, she finds it easy to get up in the morning. She turns into a lioness who’ll fight for her pride of friends.

I’m not part of the pride. When I need her, I’m told to work on my independence. Like this morning. She wanted me to sort out paying for her UPS delivery, she wasn’t awake yet. I rummaged around, found her stash of crumpled tenners.

She wants me to be more independent? I reckon I’ll just help myself to funds, then.

6 thoughts on “Help Myself

  1. Thank you for sharing this story! I don’t know much about writing, but this story really touched me. And I guess that’s what writing is about. You’ve a great way of putting things in words. I also liked your other stories, but this caught my special attention.

    I was having such a friendship for many years and it’s really hard for me to take her words for granted: be more independent. It was especially hard starting this process, but I’m feeling better about it every day. (It still hurts though)

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    1. Yes, writing is about touching people. I’m glad it worked and I hope reading the story didn’t hurt too much.
      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment 🙂


  2. I appreciate this story as a sort of cautionary tale because it made me think about who we associate, why and why not, the stories we tell ourselves to justify our behavior and about who we do and don’t belong to.

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