Anyone Miss Me?

If I left tomorrow, would anyone even know?

Only one way to find out: I get in early, hide in the cabinet behind my desk and wait. Could have left it much later. I wish I’d made a cup of tea. If I had, though, I’d need the loo long before lunch.


I wake up, trapped in a dark, confined space. I scream. Someone knocks on my prison.

‘Karen? Everything okay in there?’

Oh blast.

‘Fine. Just looking for something.’

‘Brilliant. My report ready?’



That’s a no, then. If I stay in my cabinet, will anyone fire me?

4 thoughts on “Anyone Miss Me?

  1. I enjoyed your story. It reminds me (a little) of the Friends episode where Phoebe is selling toner. She calls the man in his cubicle and he basically says that he has worked there 10 years and no one even notices that he is there. In yours, though, she had to hide to be missed. He was hiding in plain sight. Thanks for sharing!

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