The Hard Way

‘Do we have to hide on the roof?’

‘Drop it.’

‘Window’s open. I could jump in, be done in no time.’

‘Target might have company.’

She tunes out the traffic noise, focuses on the first floor flat.

‘One person.’

Isolating the target’s scent’s trickier, takes a few seconds.

‘It’s her.’

‘We’ve set up. We’ll watch and wait.’

‘Why? It’s too hot.’

‘Because I say so.’

She swallows her anger. He wants her to get thirsty. He wants to coax out the savage she’s trying to subdue.

She could kill him instead. Tantalising thought.

If only she didn’t depend on him.


Scarlett‘s making her second appearance on FFfAW. She’ll be back again, no doubt. Find out what everyone else is writing here.

21 thoughts on “The Hard Way

  1. Excellent writing Sonya! Scarlett seems to be getting very annoyed with her partner. May I ask a favor? When you have a continuation post put a link to the prior post (or write a short summary of it prior to the continuation). I read so many flash fiction stories that its hard for me to keep up with who said what, when. I would have loved to have gone back and re-read the post prior to this one. You are an excellent writer!

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  2. My apologies Sonya! I thought this was a continuation from last week’s. I just re-read last weeks and I can see now that it isn’t. Both are excellent stories. I loved reading them both. You are such an excellent creative writer.

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  3. Sonya, I wanted to re- iterate how much I enjoy reading your stories and what an excellent writer you are. Thank you for being a participant in the FFfAW weekly writing group. You add a wonderful element to the mix of writers. I hope you will continue writing for the challenge and I look forward to reading your future stories! ((Hugs)) PJ

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    1. Thank you for your lovely words, PJ! I hugely enjoy FFfAW and I will certainly keep playing. Thank you for hosting it 🙂
      Now, to write something about that scary clown…

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