Precautionary Steps

(c) Lauren Moscato

‘You bought that?’

‘Cool, innit?’

‘Have you lost your mind?’

‘Why? It’s different, but it was a steal.’

‘Yeah, I bet. Because nobody with half an ounce of sense would have paid money for it.’

‘Come on, it’s not that bad. We’ll get a retractable ladder. I’ll install a hoist for heavy bags. And we won’t have to worry about unwanted visitors anymore.’

‘Is that why you bought this place? I can handle unwanted visitors.’


‘Don’t you yeah me. I can.’

‘I know.’

‘Look, next time I won’t invite them in.’

‘No, I know. I made sure of it.’


Interesting picture for Friday Fictioneers this week. I’m certain it will many interesting tales.

32 thoughts on “Precautionary Steps

  1. This is great. Love the dialogue. And a brilliant idea too, living away but in the middle of things- like having a house with a drawbridge. Ah, the times I’ve wished for that…

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    1. As Samantha guessed correctly, I wrote this with the Jehovah’s Witnesses in mind. But there’s all sorts of other nuisances…
      Thanks, Lynn 🙂

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    1. Bull’s Eye! That was the idea behind it. When the kiddo was a few months old, we used to live in an area where they came round every two weeks. First time they rang, she was just about to drop off to sleep (and I was looking forward to some writing time…). I told them not to bother me again. Three weeks later, they were back. They woke the baby. I told them again to leave us alone. Another three weeks later, the baby had just gone to sleep, they rang the doorbell again. I swore at them so badly they left before I was done. They didn’t return.


    2. Your grandmother’s strategy sounds fun, too. When we were kids, my brother got rid off them by giving them the sign of the horns and saying ‘Hail Satan’. They never knocked on our door again afterwards 😀


  2. My Dad used to provide a public service by talking to the Jehovah’s witnesses for so long they were too exhausted to visit anyone else – he was sort of a militant atheist.
    I have a different strategy. If they ring the front bell I’m the rude lady who tells them to go away and if they knocked at the side door I try to find some common ground.
    All good fun, as was your story.
    Loved the believable dialogue – these two sound like they’ll survive because there’s a bit of healthy back chat going on there innit!

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    1. I’m really enjoying these tales about how others deal with the JWs… These days, I think I’d actually invite them in, just because I’m curious. Thank you 🙂

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  3. They definitely won’t be getting in this time! Loved the dialogue. I was thinking it was some sort of thugs that they let in but then I read your comments further up! The retractable ladder is great.

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  4. Dear Sonya,

    Sounds as though there is no arguing with him. I’d find a way to invite everyone up all the time just to make him crazy. A very believable and well written story.




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