Potty Mouth Angel

In my humble opinion, that’s …’

He signals me to stop.

‘Listen, this is important, Scarlett. I don’t want you to swear.’

‘Why the …’

More signalling. And I’m too damned good at following orders.

‘You look like a delicate angel. You look like someone who doesn’t know any filthy words, let alone use them.’

‘So? I’m all about the contradictions.’

‘People’d notice. They’d remember the angelic girl with the potty mouth. And we mustn’t draw attention.’

‘I see,’ I say, and for once, I do.

‘Be best if I keep my mouth shut, then.’

‘I’m afraid so. It’s for the best.’

10 thoughts on “Potty Mouth Angel

      1. Merci back at ya! I was going to say something else in French but thought I should stick with an easy one and brush up talking with my grand daughter.

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  1. I REALLY want Scarlett to swear now!
    His comments make me think of the essays I read whilst studying art history, of how women were portrayed as one of three things- virgin, whore, or crone.
    We’re not one of those things- many of use can be all three at various times in our lives and so many other things too.
    Thanks Sonya, it’s great.

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    1. Thank you, Lynn!
      Don’t know if I’ll put sweary Scarlett on the blog, but believe me, she swears like a sailor. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the story once it’s finished. Been thinking I might put it up on Wattpad… And yes, she is a massive contradiction because she really looks like an angel, but she’s a killing machine (who hates killing). It’s a lot of fun to write.

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