Writing 101

She opens the email containing her first assignment with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Excitement because she’s going to do it this time. Trepidation because what if she can’t, if she’s not good enough?

Free write for twenty minutes. Don’t think, just write.


Relieved, she opens a new document. She sets her timer. Don’t think, just write.

She wonders if anyone has liked her latest Facebook status. She remembers the movie she’d meant to Google last night.

The timer shrills. Twenty minutes are up. She hasn’t written a word.

She unplugs the WiFi. She sets the timer again.

16 thoughts on “Writing 101

  1. That is pretty much what happens to me when I sit down to free write. My mind locks up. That tells me I need to do it more often. I cheated too. I only did 10 minutes of free writing. Nice that you are in this class too!!

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  2. I liked this as it explains exactly how I felt on trying to write my first assignment. In my case my mind kept wondering but my hand was doing hardly any typing.

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    1. Free-writing is great, but it takes some practice. I think the important thing is that you try… Thanks for stopping by!


  3. In my opinion, when one free writes, you have to exercise a lot of control over the mind to make sure distractions do not take control. I would write that it is a valuable skill to have, for generically, it can come in handy in many walks of life.

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    1. Yes, seems that way. That’s why I do most of my free writing on the playground… not many distractions.
      Mind you, today I didn’t write. I read Shadow of the Raven instead. Bit tricky reading on the phone in the glaring sun, but I managed 🙂

      Cheers, Millie!

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  4. Ha! Great. I did the freewrite yesterday, and though it was ‘free’ in one sense, I think because I’ve been writing sometime and knew other people were going to read it, my brain was sort of thinking ahead all the time, organising what point would work next, what would make a good ending to the write etc. so, I only achieved ‘free-ish’ writing.
    It’s been good fun reading everyone elses, though- amazing what our brains spill out when we’re not allowed to stop and edit 🙂

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    1. Well, mine wasn’t free-written at all… I suppose that’s why I had to make free-writing itself the topic of the story.

      I didn’t read nearly as many as I wanted, but yes, it is amazing what people write about… Thanks, Lynn 🙂


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