Kim’s Loss

Kim likes the house. She walks out on the porch and – BAM! – she’s sixteen again, repainting the balustrade.

She’d thought of Mom as weak, a push-over who did as Dad told her. But when she lessened Kim’s discomfort by offering lemonade, only to intensify it with her words, Kim understood she’d been wrong. Their relationship changed. She talked to Mom every day. Until the day when Mom didn’t pick up the phone – it happened that sudden.

The wind chimes jingle in the breeze. Kim shakes off the memories. She turns to the estate agent.

‘Sorry, it’s not for me.’


I used this week’s FFfAW photo prompt and today’s Writing 101 prompt – loss – for this. When I saw the photo, it reminded me of the porch Kim had to paint a while ago, so I brought her back.

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FlashFlood Journal Open for Submissions

FlashFlood Journal is going to unleash a flood of flash fiction for National Flash Fiction Day on 27 June. They are open for submissions now, but only until 15 April – so send them something fast.

They accept previously published pieces, so anyone who participates in Mondays Finish the Story, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and/or Friday Fictioneers should have plenty of material.

Good luck!

Edit: Would help if I could read, wouldn’t it? According to the FlashFlood submissions page, the stories will be published on 17 April, not on 27 June.