FlashFlood Journal Open for Submissions

FlashFlood Journal is going to unleash a flood of flash fiction for National Flash Fiction Day on 27 June. They are open for submissions now, but only until 15 April – so send them something fast.

They accept previously published pieces, so anyone who participates in Mondays Finish the Story, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and/or Friday Fictioneers should have plenty of material.

Good luck!

Edit: Would help if I could read, wouldn’t it? According to the FlashFlood submissions page, the stories will be published on 17 April, not on 27 June.



23 thoughts on “FlashFlood Journal Open for Submissions

    1. Congratulations!

      You could still submit, though. The deadline is in five days, and if you get in, you’ll get married and have a story published on the same day 😀


        1. Nope, it can’t. I think last year they posted a story every six minutes, so the chances of getting in are pretty decent 🙂
          I’d better get mine ready…


  1. Thank you for the link!
    Also, when submitting more than one story, can I put them all in one email, or would I have to send them separately?

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    1. My pleasure, Francesca!
      I’ve submitted mine in separate emails, but since they’ve not expressed a preference, I reckon just send them the way that you find easiest. Fingers crossed!

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  2. Hi, Sonya. Just to say thank you for posting this link. After a rather depressing run of rejections, my flash was accepted for this and posted last night. Thanks so much- finally broke my run of ‘No’s.
    You’re a star.

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