Upmarket Neighbourhood

The neighbours were not happy about my choice of yard art.

A weaker person might have crumpled under the barrage of passive aggressive comments implying the statues lowered the tone of the neighbourhood. Not me. Spurred on by the neighbours’ jibes, I bought any affordable piece of large art I found. Within months, I’d put together a sizeable display. A tourist took pictures from across the road and posted them on the Web. They went viral. I received requests from other aficionados who wanted to visit my collection.

It got favourable mentions on TripAdvisor.

The neighbours have ceased complaining. Instead, they claim the statues have strengthened the area’s reputation for sophistication.


Today’s Writing 101 assignment is character study. I used the MFtS prompts to show what makes my narrator unique. I hope I pulled it off. Follow this link for more MFtS stories.

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