Edith and Janet Inspect Something

Edith and Janet encountered a strange object during their mid-afternoon walk.

‘What’s that thingamabob?’

‘A battery, silly.’

‘Nah, Edith. Bet it fell out of the sky. Batteries don’t have them blinky things. ’

‘They’re called LEDs. Might be a new generation of rechargeables.’

‘Nobody’s heard of?’

‘It’s a prototype. Someone lost it.’

‘You’ve an answer to everything, doncha?’

Edith turned her attention to Janet.

‘My dear, it isn’t my fault you never finished your education.’

‘Answer me this, then. Why’s the sky blinking along with that LDE?’

‘It’s an LED… Oh dear.’

They disappeared in a beam of pulsing light.


8 thoughts on “Edith and Janet Inspect Something

  1. Wow. Just found your blog and may I say it’s amazing! I love the 100 words, short little stories that are entertaining and allow me to think about who the characters might be or how the story ends. I think tomorrow I’ll check out the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!
    Please keep going, stay positive and don’t get discouraged, there’s not a single story here that I don’t like and I read them all! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you so much for reading all my stories! That is quite something. You should totally check Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, it’s a fun challenge 🙂


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