Tuesday Street Sweeping

(c) Roger Bultot

Bad enough with the fire engine blocking the road, but it’s the parked cars that rile me most. Any excuse for not following the rules. I’d bet my savings there will be complaints to the council because I missed parts of the road. It’s that type of neighbourhood.

‘Dreadful, isn’t it?’ The woman’s standing on her doorstep, nursing a cup of tea.

‘Dreadful? Ain’t the word I’d use. How am I s’posed to sweep? And the soot. No picnic, cleaning soot.’

She gives me a funny look and goes inside – no doubt to watch my progress from behind her curtains.


I’m taking a break from Writing 101 today.  I’m Friday Fictioneering instead. There are plenty of fire stories to read here.

And if you’re still looking for more flash fiction, here’s the link to new version of All About Patience on FlashFlood again.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Street Sweeping

  1. Not a good street for a street sweeper, even when there isn’t a fire engine about! The brief interchange between driver and woman adds a nice touch, allowing us a peek at the driver’s impatience and intolerance. Good little story, Sonya.

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    1. No, it’s not just ignorance. He has targets, and if he doesn’t meet them, he’ll be in trouble. The spreadsheet doesn’t care, so all he can afford to care about is to get his workload done… Bit tricky to get all that across in 100 words.

      Thank you, Francesca!

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  2. LOL, here’s one who’s immersed in his work and doesn’t see anything around him. There are too many people like this, sadly. Great story.


  3. Rather self-absorbed, that street sweeper. Good story. Says a bit about today’s society.


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