No Reason to Complain

She wouldn’t have called herself suicidal. She had a good job (good but oh so boring); she was engaged to a man with an even better job (she suspected he had an affair with at least one of his paralegals); she lived in a big house (it took hours to keep clean).

She felt gloomy but she ignored it. She had no reason to complain. So she didn’t.

She wouldn’t have called herself suicidal. She’d have no explanation for why she stepped in front of the oncoming train, other than she wondered what it would feel like to stop being.


Sorry for the depressing FFfAW story. I’m sure others will come up with nicer stories.


21 thoughts on “No Reason to Complain

  1. I went a similar route. I thought it was interesting though how she never really thought about and was just kind of so unhappy with life she thought why not? My guy thought about it a lot. Although I don’t say so.

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    1. Maybe she didn’t want to think about it because she was afraid of what she would do if she allowed herself to think about it. Didn’t work out, though.
      Thanks, Amanda!

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    1. Thank you, Jessie! It is sad that people’d rather suffer in silence than seek help, but with so many still having stupid notions about depression, maybe it isn’t surprising.


  2. It seems this is happening more and more in my area of the country. People just stepping out in front of the train. There are huge signs at the crossings now about suicide prevention and some of the crossings even have 24 hour guards.
    Your story is gripping and so real.

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  3. Sad story and very well written, Sonya. Perhaps the compulsion to end it just came over her at that precise moment – nothing planned or even desired until then. The mind can be weird like that. As you described so well: ‘she wondered what it would feel like to stop being.’ .

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    1. Thank you, Jessica! Wasn’t sure I wanted to post this, I don’t want to make light of mental health. But the muse was very insistent that this is the story for the photo prompt…

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      1. I totally understand, I have the same reservations myself but when I read this I was struck by how true it was, I’ve known people who think that way, from that numbness. I never got the impression that you were making light of anything, you were expressing a different facet of it. And did a great job 🙂 I’m glad the muse was so insistent 🙂


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