Greenwich Park: This is fun. Total party atmosphere. Everyone’s smiling.

Cutty Sark: Not bad at all. Love the cheers. Spotted a celeb, too.

Rotherhithe: Dunno, that might be a blister forming on my left foot.

Tower Bridge: More blisters. Wanna cry.

Isle of Dogs: Wish I hadn’t told people I’m doing it. Wanna drop out.

Poplar: Twenty miles? Feet feel like I’ve run fifty. Knees hurt.

Embankment: The Eye. Big Ben! Have never been so glad to see Big Ben. Might cry.

The Mall: Not so much jogging, but limping across the finishing line. But I did it! Big smile.

5 thoughts on “42.195

    1. I have never run it, but a good friend of mine did a couple of years ago. The thing about never having been happier to see Big Ben came from her. I also did quite a lot of cheering in previous years around the 20 mile mark – I’ve seen a lot of pained expressions and hobbling runner. Was quite weird watching it on the telly this time, actually…

      Thank you, Millie 🙂

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