Saving Scarlett

Summer in Scotland isn’t exactly scorching. But it gets warmer every year. They’ve droughts down south for the third year running. One more reason to thank Herman for taking her here.

She’s strolled down to the copse of pine and birch. Anyone who doesn’t know where to look won’t notice. She knows, though. She dug it. She moved the boulder here. It doesn’t have an inscription yet. Her progress in stonemasonry has been sluggish, and she thinks seven years isn’t long enough. She still expects them to come for her.

But the hope they never will grows stronger every day.


I’ve not read as many blog posts and left as many comments as usual this month. I have a good excuse: I wrote Scarlett’s story for Camp NaNo. I finished the first draft last night, and this is the epilogue I just added. I’ll start the rewrite soon and I suspect she’ll make more appearances on the blog then.

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