Meat Eaters

Are you laughing at me?

Bella’s laugh turns into a startled choke.

‘Nah, she’s laughing at me.’

What’s going on, has she wandered into a video prank? Is she going to become the next viral YouTube idiot?

‘Maybe she’s laughing at both of us. What’s so funny, then?’

If it’s a prank, someone must be filming. Maybe they’ve hidden a webcam in the leaves. She’s going to find it. If her friends thinks she’s stupid enough to fall for this, she’ll show them. She kneels down. One of the flowers takes a bite out of her earlobe.


Stunned, Bella falls back.

The flowers cackle.


Phew, managed to write something (another carnivorous plant story, as well) for this weeks MFtS before the new prompt goes up tomorrow. I may do back to back stories for the challenge. Because I’m so late, there a plenty of stories to read.