Princess v Soldier

After losing her head, she realised that the rest of her body was falling apart!

Natalie inspects the princess’s head. One of her buns is wonky, but she’s okay.

‘Her arms dropped. And her left leg. Plop! Because she’s a boring princess. My space soldier’s cool.’

Elliot always tries to make her cry. If she does, he’ll laugh at her. But this time, he’s got it wrong. He’s made up the tale about what happens to the princess, but she knows better. Elliot has no clue what his space solider is. Time someone told him.

‘You know, the stormtroopers lose. Princess Leia and her friends, they are the heroes. Have you never seen Star Wars?’


As promise, here’s the second of my back-to-back MFtS stories. I know it’s a bit forced, but today is Star Wars Day, so I couldn’t not shoehorn a reference in… Click here for more MFtS stories.

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