Row, row, row your boat.

Nothing gentle, merry, dreamy about it. Hard work, rowing. You feel grim, as if you’ve been trapped in a nightmare. Grey sky, greyish blue water surround you day in, day out.

Ocean looks docile. Looks are deceiving. Keep rowing, don’t glance down. Do and you’ll see the shadow circling underneath. You’ll tell yourself it might be a submarine, or a whale. You’ll know better. Nothing you can do but keep rowing.

Row row. Row row. Row row. Your boat, your boat, your boat your boat your boat.

Row your boat – to the tune of Jaws.


The FFfAW photo prompts tend to make me write strange but exciting stories – this one is no exception. If you want more conventional storytelling, you’ll find the other participants’ tales here.

23 thoughts on “Mash-Up

  1. Well that was all a bit fatal Sonya. I take it you like me saw Jaws when it was first in cinemas and the memory has not left you. I can feel the sweat building on the rowers brow at the thought of what the shadow may do to him…..

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    1. I didn’t see Jaws when it first came out, but I saw yonks ago. And, indeed, it never left me. I am fascinated by sharks, but they terrify me. Good story material, I reckon.

      Thank you, Michael!


  2. That was awesome! First of all I chuckled when it started out with the Row Row Row Your Boat song, but by the end of it, I could almost feel the terror I felt when I watched Jaws! (I would hardly sit on the toilet because it had water in it LOL). Excellent story!

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    1. With a picture like this one, I think it’s impossible not to think of sharks if you’ve seen Jaws at an impressionable age 😀

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  3. Great story… love the setting and the action of this piece. Really makes me think twice at looking in the water while in a boat the next time… lol

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    1. Exactly! It went from cute to creepy. Excellent build up of suspense and the inability to think of anything else but the danger. Loved this approach, Sonya.


  4. I love this story! It’s so true, rowing is really hard work. And the Jaws theme! Really great 🙂


  5. With that foot floating to the bottom of the sea bed…yes, I remember Jaws well.
    Very good story! I like how you deceived the reader at the start into thinking it was going to be jolly.


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