Enormous Proportions

I’ve used today’s Story A Day prompt: Ripped From the Headlines. I went with this headline: WHO report: 74% of men and 64% of women in UK to be overweight by 2030. There’s a bit in there about the food industry pointing towards what they’re doing – yeah, right, I thought. And that gave me the idea for the story – et voilà:

Enormous Proportions

‘Skinny cow,’ the fat woman hisses. Getting out of the way of a huge bloke, I bumped into her chair. I feel the eyes of the other fatsos on me. A smile tugs on the corners of my mouth.

‘She didn’t even take sirup in her coffee,’ the barista faux-murmurs.

I didn’t go for the triple-chocolate brownie upsell, either. But I approve of the barista’s efforts. Poor sheep they can’t help themselves. They don’t know how food marketing works. I do. I run many successful campaigns.

I love watching fat people. Even when they call me a cow.