Bit of a Mess

When Dave spots Harry staggering through the crowd of tourists, the tension that’s been building in his shoulders dissolves. He gives Harry a wave. Harry doesn’t seem to recognise him.

‘Listen, Sharleen, I have to go. I’ll count to ten now and you’ll go about your day as usual, okay?’

He hangs up. He needs to focus on Harry, who looks a mess.

‘Who are you?’

And Harry’s mind is in worse shape than the man himself. He guides Harry to a bench.

‘Don’t worry, mate. Nothing I can’t fix. Relax now. I am going to count down from ten.’

7 thoughts on “Bit of a Mess

    1. Thank you! Yes, it sort of turned itself into a series, so I hope I’ll write a few more this month 🙂


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