To Have and to Hold

Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life.

It hadn’t been so bad, had it? Much better than expected, given where she’d started. It came down to her choosing the right companion. Despite that less than ideal start to their relationship. Despite their different backgrounds.

They’d refused to let those obstacles destroy them. Yes, they’d gone through trying times. Maybe they’d stayed together, during those times, to spite predictions that two people from opposite ends of society could never make it to ‘till death do us part’.

She kissed the urn, opened it and emptied his ashes into the ocean. She smiled through her tears.

‘Goodbye, my darling.’


I read this week’s MFtS’s first sentence and the picture of an old woman with an urn in her hands popped into my head. If only it were that easy every day… Click here for more stories.

30 thoughts on “To Have and to Hold

  1. Had tears in my eyes with your last line! Nicely done! Thank you Sonya for writing again for the MFtS challenge. See you next week? Hope so. Be well… ^..^

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    1. Thank you, Barbara! You really made it easy this week. I’ll be back next week – I love how the starting sentence makes me go in directions I wouldn’t necessarily take on my own 🙂

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