(No) Escape

You wouldn’t know you’re in the middle of the city down here. It’s quiet, unless you throw pieces of bread into the canal. Then ducks and coots race each other for the prize. Fight each other for it. Maybe fighting is normal? But ducks and coots are two different species. People shouldn’t fight. They’re the same species, they should look out for each other.

Then why is everybody fighting? Kids at school. Passengers on the bus. Customers in shops. Footballers on the pitch. No escaping it.

Time to go home. Where Mum and Dad will be fighting. No escaping it.


I looked at PJ’s photo and it turned into Regent’s Canal for me – so that’s where I’m taking you for this week’s FFfAW story. You’ll find more stories here.

In other news: My story Umpteenth Service, which started life as Hitting ’em Hard for FFfAW, has won the April Paper Swans flash fiction competition. I’m delighted! You’ll also find the link to the story on this page, if you care.

28 thoughts on “(No) Escape

  1. I just checked out “Umpteenth Time” and the judges comment. It’s a great story, and the positive feedback is well deserved. Congratulations Sonya. Your success has given my something to smile about at the end of a despondent day.

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    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m glad it made you smile despite the day you were having – what more can a writer ask for? Hope things are improving for you.

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  2. It’s a sad fact of life that people – and animals – fight. I like the way this is seen through the child’s eyes, and the way he is saddened by it. Seeing the ducks and coots squabbling over bread brings it all to his mind. Congrats on your win, Sonya. 🙂

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  3. It’s sad that there is so much fighting everywhere. I liked how you repeated – there’s no escaping it. Congrats on your flash fiction win too. Very exciting. Will head over and have a read now!

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