The glow from cities ablaze many miles away turns the sky bright orange for another night.

They’ll come to regret setting fire to office blocks. Not because of the buildings. Because of what’s in them – everyday consumables turned into luxury items. They’re catapulting themselves back to the Dark Ages.

Unlike them, we spent a decade preparing. Found the plot in the mountains, built cabins, dug a well, installed a power system, planted edible flora. We brought tools, books, food.

We’ll become a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment. But first, we’ve to wait for the barbarians to die down to manageable numbers.

9 thoughts on “Backwards

  1. Ooooh I shivered with how good this was! Amazing stuff Sonya – the image of the sky alight as mankind falls from grace is a powerful one indeed. Good on those who stay civilised and prepared!

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    1. I keep thinking it won’t hurt to learn how to shoot a crossbow or use bow and arrow. Sometimes I wonder if the preppers are on to something. Sorry I scared you, though…

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  2. Ha, Hubby was just telling me I should learn to use a bow. 🙂 I saw a hilarious (and a little bit true) bumper sticker the other day:

    Pre-apocalypse, I’m just a crazy prepper nut with a gun.
    Post-apocalypse, I’m your hero.

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    1. Yep, the bumper sticker isn’t wrong. I still think a bow is more useful – especially if you know how to make one… Let’s hope it won’t come to this, right?

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      1. Exactly. There’s some weird stuff going on in the US, though…not sure how much is true, but I read that the US military is going to do a “mock takeover” of the state of Texas this summer. Whaaaaat…? Hopefully it’s a joke.


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