Green-Eyed Monster

Donna Smith had a good reason for choosing the gazebo in the park for the meetings. It was far from the shore.

‘You’re late.’

‘Had to take a detour. Harbour road’s closed,’ the detective replied.

Donna wondered what the emergency was. But they had business to attend.

‘Any evidence?’

‘You’re sure he’s having an affair?’

‘Why else would I’ve hired you?’

He handed over a stack of photographs.

’They don’t look like lovers to me.’

The photos seemed to confirm Ben’s claims. Did he anticipate she’d have him watched? She needed proof.

‘Look harder,’ she said.

‘Sure. It’s your money.’


To get the most out of my FFfAW story, I suggest you read Salvage first (but I hope it’ll work on it’s own, too). Links to all of this week’s stories can be found here.