What Happened to the Woman in the Photograph?

Here’s the next instalment of the Salvage Series, inspired by PJ’s photo for FFfAW. You don’t have to read it all, though, I hope it will stand on its own.

(c) PricelessJoy 

Ben comes home after a long day of emptying lobster pots and finds Donna’s taken down their wedding photograph. He puts it back where it belongs. Donna’s gone out. He’s tired, but not as tired as he is of her games. He waits for her.

‘Trying to tell me something?’

Donna shrugs.

‘Is this what’s it’s all about? You want out of the marriage?’


‘I won’t take the blame for you. You want a divorce, you’ll have to say it.’

Donna shrugs and disappears. Ben pulls the blanket over himself. He doesn’t feel like sleeping next to her anymore.


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