Moderate to Poor, Becoming Good Later*

The dark cloud hanging over Ben has gone. He tells himself not to overreact, the respite might be brief. But his relief refuses to be contained. It bursts out as a laugh.

‘It wasn’t that funny a joke,’ Tina says.

Before Ben has a chance to explain, a thunder cloud descends upon them.

‘You lying bastard, you swore there’s nothing between you. Good thing I never believed a word of it.’

‘Wait a second,’ Tina interjects, but Donna’s unstoppable.

‘Shut up, tart.’ She slams her hand down. ‘I want a divorce. Happy?’

‘No,’ he says, even though he might be.


I suspect this may be the penultimate instalment of the Salvage Series.

*The title is a reference to the shipping forecast and actually refers to visibility – but poor visibility is usually accompanied by rain, so it is somewhat appropriate.