Show, Don’t Tell

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

The line pops into my head, and I write it down. Then I  inspect the spider’s web in the garden. Spiders are smart creatures, they keep it simple. I’m going to be a spider. I will not get tangled up in my own web of lies and deceit. Because I know that if I rush into it, I’ll end up as a fly.

I’ll create a backstory, but I’m not going to bore my target with the details. I’ll let them guide my words and my actions.

Show, don’t tell.

I will weave the perfect trap, and then I’ll strike.


Another Monday, another story to finish, with plenty more to read here.

Top 3 Stories – May 2015

So, where’s May gone? I went through a seriously apocalyptic phase earlier in the month. I’ve decided to ignore the Salvage Series for the purposes of this month’s Top 3, but I still found it impossible to narrow it down. That’s why there’s two stories in third place.

  1. Mash-Up 
  2. Spoiling the Hunt
  3. Not What It Seems and To Have and to Hold

As usual, I want to know what your favourites were.