Top 3 Stories – May 2015

So, where’s May gone? I went through a seriously apocalyptic phase earlier in the month. I’ve decided to ignore the Salvage Series for the purposes of this month’s Top 3, but I still found it impossible to narrow it down. That’s why there’s two stories in third place.

  1. Mash-Up 
  2. Spoiling the Hunt
  3. Not What It Seems and To Have and to Hold

As usual, I want to know what your favourites were.

6 thoughts on “Top 3 Stories – May 2015

  1. Not What It Seems was my standout favourite. Just looked at it again and the last line still gives me delightful shivers, You do the dramatic ending superbly across your work – the Salvage Series (RIP) had plenty of them as well 🙂

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  2. Oh, unfair. How I am supposed to pick one? You do such great things with so few words. Mash up was great – made me feel the tortuouness and desperation. And Not what it Seems was lovely, because it took my brain with it, somewhere other and alien. I really liked Spoiling the Hunt, though for it’s spirit of rebellion.
    Hmm. Not what it seems, for the windows it opened in my head 🙂

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    1. I know why I went for Mash-up for number 1. It’s one of those that completely surprised me when I wrote it and I love it when that happens. As for the other three, each of them could have ended up alone as the second one, there was so little difference between them.

      Not What it Seems is a good choice. I love the idea and I’ll play around with it some more at some point 🙂

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  3. Of all the stories, besides the Salvage Series, I would have to say Mash Up, although Not What It Seems comes in at a close second… they were all fantastic though!


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